Slender Space


Dead Space and Slender join each other in this horror adventure


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Slender Space is a horror adventure that, following the traditional line of the Slender games where you have to pick up a series of objects to be able to escape from the place, opts for a completely different mood that places you in a space station.

The story of the game starts when a spaceship that's moving closer to the station crashes into it and suddenly all the lights go out. From that moment on your task will be, flashlight in your hand, to try to recover the six energy nodes to be able to escape the station.

The problem, as expected in this type of game, is that there's a creature on board of the ship that has no intention of letting you leave. As usual, always when Slender is close, the screen will become strange and you will heard sounds. And as always, your only weapon is to run.

Slender Space is another twist to the 'Slender Game' concept that thanks to combining the traditional gameplay with a futuristic mood like the one from Dead Space, achieves to blow in some fresh air.
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